She is a Pokhareli lass; loaded with enormous talents and enigmatic beauty, has left an obvious mark…she will definitely make a respectable place in Nepali silver screen: opined Kush Gurung, director of Nepali feature film ‘Kanchha’


Urmila Gurung is an emerging actress of Pokhara. Photo: The Roaming Post

Urmila Gurung is a budding star and a popular name in Pokhara. She has just started her professional career, but success started following her. The windows of opportunities opened up for her and she truly deserves more. “I was different than other kids in the locality. My interest in dance and acting had drawn my parents’ attention, and then I was merely a tiny toddler” revealed Urmila as a flicker of smile went across her face.

Urmila did start taking part in local dance competitions ever since she was a 10-year old girl. As time passes by, she improved her skill and her dream come true when she stood second in the ‘Kaski Dance Competition-2013′. There were many excellent dancers and the competition was extremely tough, but eventually she held the second position. Subhash Rai, the director of Nepali cinema, was the judge in the Kaski Dance Competition-2013’. “He liked my dance and straight away offered me a lead role in his video film ‘Kanchha’. The film is all set to be released very soon” said jubilant Urmila.

Urmila made her mark in ‘Antighar gaonko chinari’, a video song. Her brilliant dancing ability and enigmatic facial expressions did not only make the song a hit, but also it drew the attention of a senior film director Kush Gurung.

Urmila Gurung, Photo: The Roaming Post.

“We wanted to take a senior artist for the video song, but she was not available for several days. We then took chance and signed Urmila Gurung. She was a novice in the field of acting. However, I observed her dancing skill and found she was a gifted dancer of note. All this made me confident to sign her for the video song. Without doubt she is an accomplished dancer. Besides, as a person she is a brilliant girl. She learns everything very quickly. In brief I can say that she came up to our expectation and now we are proud of signing her for the video song” said Kush Gurung, the director of the video song ‘Antighar gaonko chinari’.

Urmila has played in another music video ‘Najaraiko Golile’. The audience has largely appreciated this music video as well. After the release of ‘Najaraiko Golile’ more video film/song makers contacted her but she refused some while accepted a few.

“I like to play a neat and clean role in the picture” she declared. “I don’t want to be famous or glamorous by exposing body. I want to be famous and popular by showing my talent instead. This was the reason why I refused some video songs/films in a row” added Urmila.

Very recently Urmila has agreed to work in a Nepali feature film. She is in the lead role in this cinema. Its name is ‘Bhupu Lahure’. She has signed the film and the shooting will start in April this year. When asked about the acting, she spoke truthfully. “I don’t ashamed of admitting the truth that I have very little knowledge about the acting. I am learning the art and hopefully I will learn it better as I grow older. I always believe in hard work, dedication and commitment…this is what I have learnt from the lives of the successful persons “said Urmila proudly.

“Bhupu Lahure is really a very nice cinema. It has highlighted real problems of ex-soldiers” said Urima. In fact Bhupu Lahure is her first feature film, she has not expected much. “It is my first cinema where I am in a lead role. Although the film is very nice and I am sure it will be a success, I don’t expect more out of it. I am a beginner and I need to learn and improve my acting…I have therefore focused on acting and learning more skill of the trade rather than thinking of success” added Urmila.


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