The lives of Yogis and Sadhus are always mysterious. These ascetics are never drawn to money, power and fame. They put their hearts and souls together to experience the absolute Brahma, the omnipotent. However, nowadays there are several Sadhus, Gurus, Sannyasis and Babas, who run after money, power and fame. There are many Gurus and Babas who even live a five star lifestyle. They make foreign tours and deliver speeches to a large crowd. In the meantime, occasionally, some Babas have also been caught for their illegal and immoral activities…we have plenty of examples in hand. In such a confusing situation, when it has become extremely difficult to identify who is a true Baba and who is not, the devotees will remain exposed to be exploited at the hands of fake Babas and Gurus.

Baba was on the 3rd floor in samadhi and the main gate was closed for outsiders. Who knows what Baba was doing there? Photo: LB THAPA

I had the opportunity to meet some Babas, who strictly avoided media attention and crowd and preferred seclusion. When I asked them how to know who is a true Baba and who is not. Almost all of them gave me the same answer. “True Babas or Gurus will never draw crowd, will avoid public attention, will never accept money directly or indirectly…they will be available for the seekers only, the true seekers.

Nowadays, Mahayogi Siddha Baba has drawn public and media attention for his Samadhi in Pokhara. After 9 days of Samadhi at Nar Naryan Baba Ashram, Ramghat, Pokhara, the Baba has emerged out of the wooden box. He took Samadhi on April 8 and ended today on 15 April. There was no doubt about the success of the Samadhi. The Baba had already undertaken this sort of Samadhi in the past years.

But my curiosity is why the Baba, who has devoted his life for the realization of god, is seeking media and public attention for his Samadhi. If he is such a siddha purus, as he claims to be one, then why he is seeking public attention…for what? He should seek only God’s attention. For a siddha purus one like him doesn’t suit to draw media and public attention. This has raised some questions in the mind of many skeptics.

Devotees were regularly offering money to god. Photo:LB THAPA

This is not for the first time the Baba has organized such Samadhi demonstration. He had already organized a similar type of Samadhi demonstration at Chatara, Sunsari. While organizing Samadhi demonstration in Chatara, Sunsari, like in Pokhara, he did also call media and sought public attention at best. When I asked this question with Gobinda Babu Tiwari, the management head of Pokhara Ashram, he said: “Actually Baba was not interested in calling media and making his Samadhi public. We requested him to make it public, because we wanted many people should be benefited from Mahayoga. This is an ancient science now on the verge of extinction. Through media we want to draw people’s attention so that they will learn and practice mahayoga and get mental peace”. This is without doubt a very satisfactory answer for everyone. Now, let’s not talk more about this.

The Mahayogi Siddha Baba claims that he remains inside the box, where minimum or no oxygen is available. According to the science, human brain starts dying if it does not get regular supply of oxygen for three minutes or even less. It means Siddha Baba should not be alive without oxygen, if he takes Samadhi for several days. But, Siddha Baba has defied the science and has lived alive for several days without oxygen. He says this is possible due to the power of mahayoga.

But let me tell you that the kind of Samadhi that Siddha Baba takes has already been performed by many skilled magicians. You can search on youtube and google for the confirmation. Those who can do it are not mayayogi one like Mahayogi Siddha Baba. Then, how did they do it? Why Mahayogi Siddha Baba is doing something which has already been performed by non yogis. In the past, when Sai Baba was alive, he used to perform some chamatkar before his devotees. Now everyone knows the trick behind those chamatkar. Sai Baba’s those chamatkar were merely low grade magic that every amateur magician can perform today.

The blogger had a talk with the coordinator of the samadhi. Photo: The Roaming Post.

I have some doubts about the credibility of Siddha Baba’s Samadhi. Number one, Siddha Baba has not taken Samadhi in land. It is the third floor of a house, where he was in a large box. The main entrance of the gate was locked, so that no one could go up and see the room. That means if some close company of the Baba wish, they can help Baba to provide some comfort. Since the Baba was covered with soil, some part of the soil could easily be removed to make a hole, from where enough oxygen could enter into the box. There was no CCTV camera in the room. So, the people on the ground would never know what was going on up there especially at night.

Why the Baba did not take Samadhi in the ground. The ground could be fenced and a CCTV camera could be placed, right before the Samadhi. But he did not do anything like that. He chose rather easy and safe way for his Samadhi.

The head of the management committee Govinda Babu Tiwari told me: “Baba had taken Samadhi in the presence of media, doctors, police and public”. I agree, but after the Samadhi no one was allowed to go up to the Samadhi room and there was no CCTV camera. Then how to know what happened there at night. Many questions can be raised.

Please don’t misunderstand me and don’t think I want to write something bad about the Baba. This is not my intention at all. I am only raising some doubts, which answers I expect from the Baba himself. Can Baba take a Samadhi in the ground, not in the two or three storey building, and let him cover with cement and concrete instead of soft soil? I am sure Baba cannot do this, because no one has ever attempted before. The only person in the west had ever attempted. The coffin with a man was buried in a ground and was covered with concrete. When he was taken out, he was already dead. The readers can confirm my claim on google.

If Siddha Baba has really acquired some power through mahayoga, then he should do it in a fair way. He should not perform Samadhi in a manner that is similar to a magician’s stage. My final question, can Baba take a Samadhi in the ground and let him be covered with concrete and cement? A CCTV camera should also be fixed keeping an eye on the Samadhi.

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