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Call them CRAZY boys, AMAZING boys or STUPID boys…no matter how you call them. They won’t mind for sure. But one thing is pretty certain, you cannot ignore them. These boys, who crave for no name, believe in service and only service. Selfless and unassuming their group works under no hierarchy. In their group everyone is equal as they have no senior or junior; everyone is equal. Guided by the spirit of benevolence, these boys, who call themselves Men’s Room (Reloaded), want to keep their profile at low key. However, the body of work these boys have done so far can surprise any sane person of wit.

Want to know more about Men’s Room group? Let’s get acquainted with this group and their unbelievable works. Men’s Room Reloaded was the brain child of four young boys in 2011. Gyan Malla Thakuri, now studying at Wichita State University, USA, Sanam Rai, now studying at Islington College, London, Avinash Ghimire, now studying at Nepal College of Technology, Lalitpur, Nepal and Samal Budathoki, a student in Nepal.

“In the beginning we started with sharing important messages among our MRR members through facebook. We would let our group know about our activities through facebook. We would always appreciate our group members’ activities. Then we decided to work collectively as a team. This way we got down to do some charitable activities” said Prem Prasad Dawadi, one of the active members of MRR.

This scribe was impressed with their working style. It is unique in the sense that unlike other organizations, this group does not believe in hierarchy. There is no president, no vice president and other posts. Every single person of this group is a member and all have equal power. Another interesting fact about this group is that active members of MRR have decided to continue their social activities without registering MRR.

“We believe in service. Our purpose is not to get any benefits out of MRR. If we had that intention, we would have registered MRR long ago. If we really want to do some good for others then we don’t need such things. This is the reason we don’t have any hierarchy…everyone is equal in our organization and frankly speaking this is our strength also” said Sagar Subedi, yet another active member of MRR.

The rules they have made to run this group might sound little bizarre, but this is how this group operates. They give no permission to any female to join the group. When asked why your group does not give permission to woman to join MRR! Shishir Devkota said “This is a man’s group. We are ready to go to any extent for the sake of service. We visit far flung areas, sometimes we have to walk on foot for several hours or even days. We are ready to face any eventuality as well. There is no guarantee for shelter or food to eat…we don’t want to put women to go through such hardships. As we know in our society even today majority of women cannot take their own decision for what they like or dislike. Hence, circumstances as such will definitely make women difficult to work for our group. Thus, we decided to take the cudgel in our hands and face the tough time whatever”.

The MRR is for Nepali citizens only. The people of other nationality cannot be the member of MRR, but they can help the group by providing fund, goods and moral support. It is a pleasant surprise to know that the members of MRR have spread in many countries. They have the group of active members of MRR in over two dozen of countries. Similarly, in Nepal too they have active representatives in 67 districts. There are over 90,000 followers of MRR today.

“We are very glad to see that our work has pleased many people and organizations. Everyday number of members being added to MRR, and there are many registered organizations, which are willing to work with us. Though they know MRR is not a registered organization, they don’t mind working with us. This is truly an achievement for every single member of MRR” said Surya Timilsina, Pokhara representative of Kaski district.

This is true that many reputed organizations are working with MRR today. It is because MRR does have enough youths who are always ready to make contribution. During crisis MRR group has always been doing outstanding work in the country. During the earthquake time, MRR group had reached out to several quake victims in Gorkha, Dhading and even Sindhupalchowk. They provided them with foods, clothes, medicines and some tents.

“We are still active in Dhading. The earthquake had played havoc in Dhading district. Several people had lost their lives and the loss of property was beyond imagination. We helped Khaireni Lower Secondary School to stand from the rubble. We chose a kid, whose name is Kumar Acharya, 5-year old, to take responsibility of his education up to graduation in Nepal. Kumar Acharya studies in standard one at Khaireni Lower Secondary School, Dhading” said Sagar Subedi.

The MRR group’s excitement knew no bound, when popular Nepali TV actor and actress Dipak Raj Giri and Dipashree Niraula came forward and donated Rs.2 Lakh for the group. “We know MRR is not a registered group but the kind of work these young boys are doing is far better than many registered organizations. Like these boys I also believe in work and selfless service. We will always stand for MRR group” appreciated Dipak Raj Giri and Dipashree Niraula.

A group of MRR members is still stationed in Laprak, Chepang settlement and working with the local people there. Their group is regularly providing clothes, first aid, fruits for the earthquake victims in Laprak, Chepang settlement area.

The other day MRR group came out with a helping hand and raised a fund of Rs.10 Lakh for Sujan Nepali and Kamal BK. They needed financial help to get kidney related treatment. Had they not received timely financial help from MRR, their lives would have ended by now.

Time to time MRR group organizes food giving programmes on the roadside so that beggars and street children can eat foods. “We regularly distribute clothes to beggars and elderly people on the street. Sometimes we also go to nearby Old Age Homes and distribute clothes and foods” said Prem Prasad Dawadi.

The MRR has selected 13 different programmes to execute for 2016. Some programmes are on the priority list as well. The MRR group seems exuberant as in recent time some organizations from Japan, Australia, and Austria have shown keen interest to work with MRR group in Nepal.

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