Girls should fight what they fear most and stand out in the crowd with a purpose in life, says Sophia Bataju


Sophia Bataju is a multitalented girl who lives her life on her own term. Outspoken and straightforward Sophia was born in Kathmandu but later her family shifted to Pokhara. Now, Sophia is a local domicile of Pokhara.

In the beginning, Sophia was a simple girl like any ordinary girl of her age, but she wanted to do something meaningful in her life. She wanted to break the shell of shyness and hesitation. First, she took her studies seriously; as a result, Sophia startled everyone when she got through SLC exam with 91.25%. This was only the beginning; Sophia was committed to standout in the crowd with her distinct identification. She did not want to keep her talent within the periphery of school or college education. Filled with pride and self-confidence, Sophia began taking interest in extra curriculum activities and this interest earned her a name and public recognition.

After proving her mettle in studies, Sophia tried her hand in singing and dancing and soon she became a consummate singer and dancer. However, she never thought of making singing as her career in future. To beat lethargy and monotony of life, she frequently travels with her friends. However, Sophia does not mind even solo travelling.

Initial success in singing and dancing emboldened Sophia to show her talent in the modelling as well. “I chose modelling because modelling provides a platform from where one can beat nervousness, shyness and become bold enough to face the crowd with confidence,” said Sophia.

The first opportunity came to her way in the form of Miss Heritage Pokhara 2017. Sophia made herself ready for Miss Heritage Pokhara. Until then Sophia’s biggest fear was to face the crowd. She wanted to cast off her fear, which always held her back and therefore Sophia never left any opportunity to face the crowd. Sophia gives credit to her parents and friends who always believed in her talent and extended their unwavering support.

“I was overwhelmed by the support of my parents and my friends. It was their support and courage that I could achieve little success in my life. I would like to appreciate my choreographer Miss Sailtaaj Kunwar who worked hard to teach me the art of dancing,” added Sophia.

Participating in the Miss Heritage 2017 was a first major event in Sophia’s life. She focused on her performance. “I wanted to give my best. I never thought of winning the title because giving the best performance is more important for me than winning any title. I never give a thought of winning or losing a competition, but yes I should be satisfied with my own performance”.

Sophia was more than surprised when she was declared the 2nd Runner Up for Miss Heritage Pokhara-2017. She also bagged the title of Best Personality. No doubt, she had missed the major title but Sophia was more than satisfied with two titles she pocketed.

Speaking on the mantra of success, Sophia advices to break the cocoon and come out of the comfort zone. “Girls should make themselves bold and fearless. They should fight what they fear the most. This is a major hurdle on the way to success,” advised Sophia.

Sophia has many friends because a friend in need is a friend indeed. At a time when she has many male and female friends, it seems that she favours male friends over female friends. “Well, there is no specific reason for appreciating male friends over female friends. I found boys have different mindset than girls and this is the one reason why male are different than female” said Sophia enigmatically.

When asked about her opinion about love marriage vs arranged marriage, Sophia instantly favoured love marriage. “Literarily speaking a marriage is a bond where a man and a woman make promise to live together as husband and wife for the rest of life. Therefore, a marriage is a big decision in the life of a girl. In arranged marriage, a girl has to live with a man she does not know at all. Life can be difficult to adjust with the man who is entirely unknown to the girl. However, in love marriage both the boy and the girl are well acquainted with each other. They will not have any hesitation between them, as they know one another very well. No doubt in love marriage, the man and the woman can have better chemistry than arranged marriage”.

Sophia has always been an outstanding girl in education and now her foray into modelling has begun with scintillating success.

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Chiran Baruwal is studying management at New Galaxy higher secondary school. Writing is his new found hobby but he loves traveling and wants to make new friends. He has planned to go to US and study business at the University of North Texas.


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