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Over the years, the numbers of Nepali students willing to study abroad have surged dramatically. Political instability, corruption, and lack of educational infrastructures in the country have forced many students to opt study abroad as a last resort. General trend among the students has it that students with strong educational and financial background prefer to go to USA, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. Such education destinations like Japan and Europe are mostly selected by the students who have moderate educational and financial background.

Without doubt, the trend of going for study abroad has increased among the students. However, many students find themselves in dilemma for selecting courses, college, university and the country. In fact, many education consultancies have been established with the purpose of providing right information for the students, aspiring for study abroad. Nevertheless, some education consultancies merely dupe students under the pretext of being professional or having direct contacts with foreign colleges and universities. Such acts of unscrupulous consultancies leave students utterly confused and skeptic.

In a thick crowd of consultancies where every single consultancy declares to be the best in the town, eventually makes students difficult to choose a right consultancy for them. When many wolves like consultancies act in sheep’s skin, a slight mistake by choosing a wrong consultancy might cost loss of time and money for the students.

Understanding the gravity of the subject, I personally visited some educational consultancies in Pokhara, where I met consultancy directors in general and students in particular. A friendly chat with the directors and students, as I believe, might help new students to select a right consultancy for them.

Trinity Education Foundation has become a synonymous with quality education and trust: DB Gurung, founder-managing director of Trinity Education Foundation
DB Gurung, managing director of TEF

DB Gurung is a leading entrepreneur of Pokhara. Actively involved in many social organizations, Mr. Gurung is the founder-managing director of Trinity Education Foundation. Due to hard work and perseverance, Mr. Gurung has successfully carved a distinct name for his education consultancy in Pokhara. Mr. Gurung has also set up Trinity Education Foundation & Sakura Japanese Language Institute FUND for Tamu Cultural Academy.

This foundation helps orphan children and provides scholarship to talented but financially poor students.

Excerpts from a brief talk with Mr.DB Gurung

It has become extremely difficult to choose a genuine education consultancy among the crowd. Do you also think the same?

It is not that difficult as it sounds to be. Before selecting a consultancy for the processing, students must pay attention to certain things. First of all, the consultancy must be approved by the Nepal Education Ministry. Generally, an education counselor must be approved by Training Institute for Technical Instruction (TITI). Similarly, for Australia education counseling the agent must complete QEAC course. Similarly, ENZTA course is required for New Zealand. Thus, students must choose a consultancy which counselor is professional and qualified.

How is Trinity Education Foundation different from other education consultancies?

The kind of infrastructure we have set up at Trinity Education Foundation is simply awesome. We have up-to-date library, latest teaching materials and air-conditioned classrooms. We have full time instructors who are professionals, dedicated and fully committed to their responsibility.

Even during off-season when other consultancies have empty classes, Trinity is busy with several students. How is it so?

Yes, this is true. Trinity Education Foundation has won the confidence of the students and parents. Today, most of the parents and students’ first choice is Trinity for sure. Quality education and better counseling have done the magic.

Education consultancies encourage students for study abroad. So, consultancies must be held accountable to brain drain. Do you agree?

This is not true. We facilitate students to find a better college/university and help them to choose a better course to study abroad. We send students for higher education. To obtain a higher education degree or diploma is always good. However, many students do not wish to return to the country even after completing higher education. It is because they see no opportunity and working environment in the country. To change this trend, the country should create an environment in which students should return to the country willingly.

Kangaroo Education Foundation opens the windows of opportunity for the students and helps to make their career in the pace of globalization: Tulsi R Kafle, managing director of KEF, Pokhara branch
Tulsi R Kafle

Tulsi R Kafle is the managing director of Kangaroo Education Foundation, Pokhara branch. Mr. Kafle is a well-trained educational consultant in Pokhara. By the dint of hard work and perseverance, Mr. Kafle has taken KEF to a new height. Mr. Kafle, perhaps the only educational consultant in Pokhara, who is about to complete his Ph.D thesis. Holding a Master’s degree in Media & Communication, Mr. Kafle has been leading KEF from the front.

Excerpts from a brief talk with Mr.Tulsi R Kafle

How do you suggest students to select a genuine consultancy for the processing?

Goodwill is the most important asset of any consultancy. It takes years to earn goodwill—a good consultancy will never make compromise against their goodwill. At the same time infrastructure of the consultancy does speak volume. A genuine consultancy does spend a great deal of money on infrastructure and vice versa. Above all, the students should also see the qualification of the concerned counselor. I am sorry to say but truth has it that nowadays many undergraduate and utterly incapable people have opened consultancies. Such consultancies pollute the environment and sow the seeds of doubts in the mind of the students.

What has made KEF different from other consultancies?

We have teachers who are educated and trained abroad. In addition, when the number of students exceed, I myself take some IELTS classes. As far as quality education is concerned, we make no compromise.

How does KEF take care of students?

Our students get quality education at Kangaroo Education Foundation. Moreover, KEF is a brand name for the test preparation and the processing. We have earned goodwill and trust of many students and parents. We guide students to choose a suitable college/university and subject for the further study. We also groom students for visa preparation. Our job is still not over even after our students get visa in their hands. We arrange hostel and airport pickup for our students. We are careful our students should not get an iota of trouble.

After having received managing directors’ point of view about study abroad, I was quite curious to know what opinions students hold who study at Trinity Education Foundation and Miracle Institute. The students shared their views with this scribe.

When I wanted to go for study abroad, many friends of mine suggested me to join Trinity Education Foundation. After joining TEF, I am glad because I am in right place. I like the working system of TEF. The staff at TEF are highly professional and extremely dedicated to their work-Niraj Adhikari, IELTS students at Trinity Education Foundation  

Many friends of mine had already processed from Trinity. They suggested me to study IELTS and apply from TEF. Today I am happy after joining Trinity Education Foundation-Sujit Juharchan and Susmi Gurung, TEF

I wanted to join the best consultancy to study IELTS. For that, I visited a couple of consultancies and took a few classes as well. In the end, I was satisfied at Trinity. I recommend everyone to visit Trinity for IELTS and for the processing-Milan Thapa, TEF

I got a lot more good messages about Trinity. When I wanted to study IELTS, then I directly joined Trinity. I am glad to join this consultancy- Ronit Gurung, TEF

When asked whether they will return home after completing their studies abroad? This was what they spoke with this scribe.

There is no reason why I should stay abroad after completing my study. Today’s Nepal is on the path of development and I am hopeful for a better future in Nepal. I will definitely come to Nepal and make my contribution to the development of my country-Susmi Gurung, TEF

We can never have respect abroad as much as we get at home. I am in favour of working in our own nation with the sense of pride and dignity- Sujan Neupane, Miracle Institute

Once I complete my higher studies, I will return home because I will have more respect at home than abroad. However, now I am more worried about my career and future. My first priority is to make my career after then I can think other things- Sagar Chhetri, Miracle Institute

I am a commerce student. I want to study business and my future plan is to work in a top level management. Nepal is making a steady headway in development and I am convinced about a better day ahead. I will be glad to become a manager in a reputed company in my country rather than working abroad as a second-class citizen-Chiran Baruwal, Miracle Institute

Now time has changed. Peace has restored in Nepal and the political exercise has already begun in the country. I hope that rosy days are ahead. I can see a better future in days to come- Achyut Adhikari, Miracle Institute


Prajwol Pokhrel is preparing for TOEFL and SAT examinations at Miracle Institute, Pokhara, Nepal. He wants to study science in New York, USA. Pokharel had scored 82% in the SLC examination. He is awaiting for his +2 result in which he is confident of scoring about 75%.


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