Reminiscence of ex Agriculture Minister Hari Prasad Parajuli’s Ropain Jatra in Pokhara

I am ready to catch you…run if you can…Hari is in action.


It should not be an exaggeration to compare Hari Prasad Parajuli, now a common person, with Bollywood kissing star Emraan Hasmi. But the fact is that Hari Prasad Parajuli is much better performer than Emraan Hasmi. I should also suggest Emraan Hasmi to learn a few tips from Mr.Hari so that he can hone his skill of hugging and kissing.

Emraan Hasmi may be good at on screen performance but Mr.Hari is an all-rounder. His performance on the screen and off the screen is simply outstanding. Mr. Hari’s recently released unofficial video film ‘Ropain Jatrama Ghamasan‘ is witness to his hidden talents. He is such a natural artist that during the Ropain jatra programme, he actually forgot where he was and what he was expected to do there. Finally, he startled the world with his hidden talents.

Hari is in action…poor Emraan Hasmi is jealous of Hari’s acting talent.

Being an agriculture minister, he was invited to attend famous ropain jatra in Pokhara, which was held on the occasion of National Paddy Day on Asar 15, 2072 (30 June 2015). The programme was going on well and Mr.Hari was given some paddy plants, but to everyone’s astonishment, he tossed off paddy plants and began chasing women around him. Some eyewitnesses concluded that possibly Emraan Hasmi’s spirit might have overpowered him. On the other hand, maybe he wanted to act better than Emraan Hasmi. God knows what the reason was but he went berserk and acted more like a stray bull. If truth be told, he wanted to grab every woman around him. After covering his face with mud, he might have thought that no one would recognize him, but poor Mr.Hari forgot that nowadays everyone carries mobile with high megapixel phones and they zoom skillfully. When Mr.Hari did realize that he was, more natural in his performance, it was too late. By the time he got on his senses, he had already been sacked from the coveted post of agriculture minister…poor Mr.Hari.

Emraan Hasmi accepts Hari’s talent and he is ready to make Mr.Hari his Guru.

Mr.Hari’s first attempts were to grab young and chubby women but they were too strong and slippery. As a result, they easily got away from his grip. After then Mr.Hari looked for older ones and finally he grabbed one who stood nearby him. Mr.Hari used all his might to hold an elderly woman, but again Mr.Hari’s calculation was wrong. Our Pokhareli ama pushed him hard and Mr.Hari was at a loss as what to do. Wounded Mr.Hari looked around and made a few efforts that were more frantic but all in vain.

It is true that Mr.Hari’s political career has ended from now. However, god is full of mercy upon his every subject. When he closes one door, he opens others. Something similar has happened with Mr.Hari. The door of Kolywood is opened for Mr.Hari. He can debut in Kollywood cinema as a romantic hero and his success is guaranteed. After the retirement of actor Bhuwan KC, more popular for off screen romance, there is a void in Nepali cinema and that space if anyone can fill then he can be only Mr.Hari. His performance in recent Ropain Jatra is the testimony to the fact that Mr.Hari is a born artist. He has proved his skill of hugging and kissing in such a way that even many consummate artists might fail to perform with such passion. After watching his unofficial video film “Ropain Jatra ma Ghamasan“, Emraan Hasmi must be jealous of Mr.Hari’s natural ability of romantic performance.

Kathmandu based film producers must not delay in contacting Mr.Hari for making a new film. After watching Mr.Hari’s great, romantic performance in ‘Ropain Jatrama Ghamasan‘, some Bollywood film producers might sign him for the next cinema. If Nepali producers delay in signing Mr.Hari for the next film, they might lose opportunity to find such a talented artist in future. Anyway, we should respect Mr.Hari’s hidden talents. Mr. Hari’s problem was that he was in wrong profession—politics. His real field of work is cinema as a romantic hero not politics. I am sure he will rule Kollywood and Bollywood as a new generation kissing star.

Nepali film producers must contemplate on making “Ropain Jatrama Ghamasan“. After its initial success, they can also make ‘Ropain Jatrama Ghamasan-2’ if possible then part 3 as well. I am sure if Kathmandu based film producers delay in grabbing this opportunity, Bollywood film producers will definitely approach Mr.Hari and get him signed for their next film “Dhan ke khet main Ghamasaan”.

As a proverb goes on ‘hit the iron when it is hot’. It is right time to sign Mr.Hari and make a romantic film with lots of kissing and hugging scenes. Mr.Hari should not regret of losing his chair of agriculture minister. He should be happy in a sense that there is no competitor in sight in Kollywood. His nearest competitor is only Emraan Hasmi, but looking at Mr.Hari’s performance in Ropain Jatrama Ghamasaan, it is certain that Mr.Hari is much better than Emraan Hasmi. Those who are not convinced of Mr.Hari’s artistic ability they are advised to watch Mr.Hari’s first video film ‘Ropain Jatrama Ghamasan’ shot, produced and released from Pokhara.


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