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My name is LB Thapa and I was born and educated in Bhopal, India. After completing my Master’s Degree in Economics from Bhopal University Bhopal in 1991, I came to Nepal, the home of my ancestors, and began teaching in schools and colleges.

I gave up teaching career and began freelance writing. In the course of time I wrote seven books which are available on www.amazon.com. One of my books ‘The Pokhara Valley: A Traveler’s Guide’ has been published by Nirala Publications New Delhi, India (www.niralapublications.com). ‘Pokhara and Annapurnas’ has been published by Himalayan Maphouse, Kathmandu, Nepal. This book has been translated in seven languages and available in leading bookstore in Nepal.

I have started The Roaming Post, a blog, with a purpose of writing about development, tourism, social and corruption issues. I strongly believe in TRUTH. It is truth that will triumph in the end. Although I freely write about various subjects of public interest, now I want to write more about the development issues and tourism.

My blog is open for those inquisitive writers who want to share their ideas with the readers of The Roaming Post. Healthy and constructive comments are always welcome. Such comments will definitely help to improve the quality of this blog. I look forward to receiving your constant support to make this blog more effective and worth reading.

Quite recently I have realized to make a decision to come out of my comfort zone. Now I am preparing to say ‘good bye’ to my 7 am to 6pm job and becoming a full time TRAVEL BLOGGER. So, from January 2017 I will adopt a new career as a Travel Blogger. I don’t care whether I will be a successful Travel Blogger or not, my effort will be to survive and living a life that I always wished to live. I am excited and at the same time a bit scared as well.

I have spent a great deal of my time as a Travel Writer and wrote many feature articles on a varieties of issues. I love to work as a Travel Writer for full time/part time in any reputed Travel Magazine. If a newspaper or magazine is looking for a part time or full time journalist they can feel free to contact me.

I have spent over one decade in the field of writing and journalism and produced a sizable amount of writings on various subjects of public interest. I can guarantee for quality, sincerity and commitment for the job I accept to do.  I can also work as a columnist for print and online magazines.

Meanwhile, I had been to Lebanon in 2006 and 2013 and did some writings there. I wrote some feature articles and published back in Kathmandu. During my stay in Lebanon I wrote two of my novels and published on www.amazon.com.

In the meantime I can also be hired as a Research Scholar. As I did my Master’s in Economics I can freely work as a Research Scholar.

LB Thapa

a travel blogger 



If you have flair for writing then The Roaming Post is the perfect platform to hone your skill as a writer. You can write anything that interests you. Give a chance to your creativity and write articles that may leave an impact on your readers. The Roaming Post will publish your article and the world will read you. 

Before you write an article, please keep the following guidelines in mind

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